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5 basic reasons “Why work with us?

1. Specialised supplier

We strive to provide a full range of belts, pulleys, conveyor belts, chainsshaft couplings, and other drive elements which you may require for your machines and equipment. We do not want to be a supplier of products without providing service and technical support.

2. Quality supplier

Our focus is on quality. We implement a quality control system in  accordance with ISO 9001:2001. We have skilled employees. We supply only quality products from reputable manfacturers. We do not cut cost at the expense of quality.

3. Reliable supplier

We adhere to agreed price and terms. We record and monitor information of terms in our system. In case of unforeseen complications, we strive to find a solution. We communicate with our customers and regularly assess their satisfaction.

4. Flexible supplier

We have short delivery timeframes and keep in stock a large number of standard products in our central warehouse. We have a network of sales representatives capable of resolving any matter with you directly.

5. Professional supplier

Our partnerships are with the largest European manufacturers, notably Continental ContiTech, manufacturer of belts. Our staff are trained by the manufacturers, deriving sufficient and accurate knowledge in the field of drive belts. We provide necessary technical information, advisory services and training. We perform calculations and designs, measurements and control of transmissions, and measurements for belt assembly. We provide installation and service of belts and conveyor belts.

We are not a supplier of spare parts for cars, motorcycles, tractors, harvesters, etc. Belts, bearings and other components have different dimensions and markings, except for machines and equipment, and production is made-to-order and can only be purchased from specialised dealers of spare parts.