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Contitech Conveyor Belts Automotive

CONTI® conveyor belts are extremely economical. This characteristic is particularly important for the the automotive industry and similar sectors. Nearly maintenance-free, low-noise and low-wear, the special conveyor belts of the ContiTech Conveyor Belt Group represent a true alternative for the horizontal and vertical transport of car bodies, truck cabs, pallets and mesh pallet boxes.

Compared to textile materials, the steel cords used as tensile member in CONTI® conveyor belts ensure lower elastic and permanent elongation as well as a high dynamic strength, while at the same time providing suitable monitoring possibilities with testing methods and devices.


  • Low-noise
  • Low wear
  • No or little maintenance required
  • Secure against overload
  • Easy on the back thanks to rubber damping
  • Long service life
  • Smooth operation


  • Passenger car bodyshells or truck cabs on skids
  • Partially mounted passenger cars on assembly platforms
  • Finished passenger cars on own wheels
  • Operators on assembly lines
  • Pallets and mesh pallet boxes in material flow and warehousing operations

Product Range:

  • Sliding belt S 501 GL-43CE-VSK, S 502 GL
  • Carrier belt S 125 T-53CE-GIK
  • Buffer belt S 125 PH-35CE-GIK
  • Lift belt S 125 SX-33CE-GIK
  • Track belt S...QST/ GL-SS-CE-VSK
  • Assembly belt for workers S... QST/GL-SS-CE-VSK