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Inch Sizes Taper Lock Timing Pulleys

Inch Sizes Taper Lock timing pulleys XL, L, H, XH are the basic type of pulleys for belts with trapezoidal profiles and inch pitch. Their design is according to ISO 5296.

They are made of steel with a pilot bore, alternatively unbored.

The pulleys are supplied as a semi-finished product and the bore must be modified before mounting the pulleys on the shafts.

L Inch Sizes Taper Lock

Tooth pitch: 9.525 mm
Teeth z = 18 - 120
Stand. diameters Dp (mm): 54.57 - 363.83

H Inch Sizes Taper Lock

Tooth pitch: 12.70 mm
Teeth z = 16 - 120
Stand. diameters Dp (mm): 64.68 - 485.10

Pulleys Fields of Use

The XL, L, H, XH Taper timing pulleys are designed for all types of XL, L, H XH belts.

They are typically used in older machines with lower and medium performance, for example in packaging machines, in the ceramic, textile, food and tobacco industry and in many other machines. In new applications, they are often replaced by HTD, STD or CTD profiles.

Pulleys Material

Steel or cast iron. 

Other materials to order.

Parameter Standard
Surface roughness ISO 254
Balance quality grade VDI 2060, ISO 1940


Cast iron pulleys at v < 30 m/s must be balanced.

Pulley Basic Profile

  • Pulley XL for belts XL with pitch 5.08 mm - to custom
  • Pulley L for belts L with pitch 9.525 mm
  • Pulley H for belts H with pitch 12.70 mm
  • Pulley XH for belts XH with pitch 22.225 mm - to custom

Pulley Code Description

30 H 150 (Type 5F) TB 1610

Code Part Description

Number of pulley teeth




Width of the belt in inches × 1/100 (1,50" = 38.10 mm)

Type 5F

Type of construction


Taper Bush


Type of  Taper Bush 

Documents for Download

Dimensions and Parameters of Inch Sizes Taper Lock Timing Pulleys - Preview

Dimensions and Parameters of Inch Sizes Taper Lock Timing Pulleys

TYMA CZ Data Sheets

Czech and English (PDF 1.13 MB)

Pulleys and Clamping Bushes - Preview

Pulleys and Clamping Bushes

TYMA CZ Catalogue

Czech and English (PDF 3.64 MB)