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Taper Bore Timing PulleysSTD S14M

Taper Bore Timing Pulleys STD S14M for timing belts STD nebo RHP.

Profiles and dimensions:



S14M for belts STD S14M with pitch 14,00 mm

Steel C45, 9 SMn 28K, 9 SMnPb 28 K
Grain cast iron GG20-25
Aluminium alloy AlCuMgPb
Plastic PA6 and 6,6 or POM
Surface roughness: ISO 254

Balance quality grade: ISO 1940 - VDI 2060
Cast iron pulleys at v < 30 m/s must be balanced.

Product code:
30 - S14M - 20 TB (2012)
30 - teeth, S14M - profile, tooth pitch, 20 - belts width, TB (2012) - Taper bush


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