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Arrow-Shaped SILENTSYNC/EAGLE Polyurethane Open-Ended Timing Belts

Arrow-Shaped (SILENTSYNC/EAGLE) PU Open-Ended polyurethane timing belts in SILENTSYNC/EAGLE profile.

They are manufactured with the teeth and bottom from thermoplastic polyurethane with excellent wear resistance and with high tensile strength steel tension member, in special cases with kevlar or stainless steel tension member. The open-ended belts can be welded into endless belts.


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Belt Structure

Arrow-Shaped SILENTSYNC/EAGLE Polyurethane Belt Structure

  1. Specially treated fabric
  2. Synthetic rubber teeth
  3. Aramid tension member
  4. Synthetic rubber backing

Belt Fields of Use

SILENTSYNC polyurethane timing belts are used in special applications where a self-guiding belt that is not guided in the guide line or by pulley flanges is required. At the same time, these belts have significantly lower noise and vibration than other profiles with straight-cut teeth.

Belts are used in high-precision positioning and sorting applications, single-purpose machines, woodworking, packaging and food processing machines.

Belt Characteristics

  • High transmission power and durability
  • Temperature range, depending on application, from -30 °C to +130 °C
  • Antistatic in accordance with ISO 9563
  • Very low-noise
  • Extremely low vibration
  • Resistant to aging and ozone
  • Maintenance-free 
  • Conditionally resistant to oil 

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