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13x0767 Ld /0737 Li AX29 Roulunds

Classic Raw Edge V-Belt

13x0767 Ld /0737 Li AX29 Roulunds
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Profile: 13/AX Profile
Multiple belts: profile – no. of ribs. Caution! The number of ribs refers to the number of belt protrusions = the number of teeth on the pulley!
Délka L2 (mm): 737,00Li Length L
Li - inside lenght, Lw - pitch length, La - outside length, Le - effective length. Timing belts z = no. of teeth.
Brand: Roulunds
Length Lw (mm): 767,00
Width (mm): 13,00
Material: NR Material
NR - natural rubber, CR, NBR, H-NBR, EPDM - elastomer rubber, PU - polyurethan, ST – steel, SS – stainless steel.

Product Description

Heavy-duty cogged raw edge V-belts CONTI V® FO profile 13/AX represent an optimum combination of manufacturing technique and high-grade materials. They ensure firstclass equality and a long service life. The heavy-duty V-belts according to DIN2215 are manufactured in a raw edge and toothed design and thanks to the fibre-reinforced polychloroprene compound, enjoys a high cross-rigidity, thereby reliably transmitting large forces. 

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