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17 green Conector V-Belt

Connector Open-Ended V-Belt

17 green Conector V-Belt
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Belt Parameters

Profile: 17/B Profile
Multiple belts: profile – no. of ribs. Caution! The number of ribs refers to the number of belt protrusions = the number of teeth on the pulley!
Délka L2 (mm): - Length L
Li - inside lenght, Lw - pitch length, La - outside length, Le - effective length. Timing belts z = no. of teeth.
Brand: Strongbelt
Length Lw (mm): 1,00
Width (mm): 17,00
Material: NR Material
NR - natural rubber, CR, NBR, H-NBR, EPDM - elastomer rubber, PU - polyurethan, ST – steel, SS – stainless steel.

Belt Description

17 green Conector V-Belt ROFLEX ROCON are open-ended V-Belts that can be connected by mechanical connectors to endless belts of any length.

Belt Structure

ROFLEX ROCON Belt Structure

  1. Belt perforation
  2. Spiral tension member
  3. Natural rubber

Belt Fields of Use

The ROFLEX ROCON V-Belts are used where conventional endless V-belts cannot be used due to technical reasons, where it is necessary to mount the belt directly on the machine. They are suitable as spare belts, which can replace any length of V-Belt. They are also used in conveyor systems.

Belt Characteristics

  • Transfer about 50% of the performance of a classical V-belt
  • High flexibility, couplings directly on the machine
  • Use of standardized SPZ, SPA, SPB, SPC pulleys
  • Temperature resistance from -40 ° C to +70 ° C
  • Possibility of delivery of any length from roll
  • Moderate oil-resistant
  • Electrically conductive according to ISO 9563

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