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Reference - TYMA CZ, the supplier of Contitech belts

Continental Contitech is one of the largest and most reputable manufacturers of driving belts in the world.

Reference Contitech

Contitech belts are used in brand-name products, e.g. cars, office and agricultural technology, domestic appliances, printing machines, construction machinery as well as in means of transport, such as trains and trams.To list just a few of the various industrial products, we can find them in compressors, blowers, pumps, garage and ther door systems, hoists, cranes, special machinery and production lines.

Selected applications of Contitech belts in various industries

  • VARISPEED V-belts in adjustable speed transmissions
  • Timing belts and multiple ripped belts for Interroll roller conveyors
  • Belts in lawn mowers and garden technology CONTI-V ROFLEX GARDEN
  • V-belts CONTI-V ADVANCE FO-Z for low-noise cmpressors
  • Timing belts CONTI SYNCHROCHAIN in go-kart drives
  • POLYFLAT belts in lifts

More informations about Continental Contitech AG on www.contitech.de