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Latest Information on Price Development

2021-11-05   |   actualized 2021-11-15

We assure you of our best effort to mitigate the adverse development in world markets as much as possible.

During the year, we have increased our stock and strengthened our work team. We have agreed on fixed prices with some of our suppliers where it was possible. We have been also working with alternative suppliers more than before. Therefore, we will continue to be your strong and long-term partner and we will manage this situation together.

The year 2021 has been very special from an engineering point of view.

"From a year-on-year perspective, price growth in industry has reached a double-digit rate, stopping at 9.9% after 9.3% in August. The prices in industry have been growing at the fastest pace since March 1993. Prices of practically everything have been raising - products of the oil, metalworking, chemical or woodworking industry," summarizes chief economist at Komerční banka Jan Vejmělek.

The reason for increasing prices is also the price increase of input production materials. Simply put, everything made of metals, plastics and wood has become more expensive. For example, the market price of steel is now twice as high as a year ago. And plastics are such a scarce material worldwide that their price has hit a six-year high, according to the Financial Times.

In addition, compared to 2020, maritime transport has become more expensive. The effects of the covid-19 pandemic, which has forced manufacturers to shut down in the past year and a half, are still being felt.

The situation on world markets affects the price of other goods, which become more expensive not only in the Czech Republic, but in all countries. In addition, the goods are often lacking due to logistics problems and high demand.

Effects on TYMA CZ Supply

Manufacturers of pulleys, sprockets and shaft couplings calculate prices according to current prices of input costs and availability, therefore price changes are not uniform and we have had to recalculate the complete price lists of these products several times.

You can find our current sales prices on the website in the Products section, or we will send them on request. We calculate the prices of all products made to order according to the current situation. We will be happy to explain the price adjustments for individual product groups in person or through our sales representatives.

We also draw attention to longer delivery times and their possible further extension due to problems of suppliers with transport, lack of raw materials and employees in production, Brexit, etc.