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New catalogue of CONTI SYNCHRODRIVE open-ended timing belts

2021-02-03   |   actualized 2021-02-09

The ContiTech open-ended timing belt catalogue is now available.

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Now it is possible to pay online on our Eshop

2020-12-10   |   actualized 2020-12-16

Now you can pay by payment card or by fast bank transfer via the GoPay payment gateway on our Eshop.

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Our Product Range Has Been Expanded


CONTI-V FO PIONEER second-generation narrow V-belts are now available also in length ranges from 3,000 mm to 5,000 mm. These are currently the most powerful V-belts on the market.

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We Have Opened a New Storage Hall


The new hall will help to increase the storage capacity, so we can respond the needs of our customers more easily and quickly.

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New ContiTech Timing Belts Catalogue


ContiTech endless timing belts catalogue now available also in Czech language.

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New Oil-Resistant Rubber Timing Belts SYNCHROFORCE CARBON


ContiTech de­vel­ops durable rub­ber tim­ing belt with car­bon ten­sion mem­ber for chal­leng­ing drive so­lu­tions.

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Save up to 15 % Energy by Optimizing the Belt Transmission


Energy-saving belts have higher efficiency, performance, durability and low maintenance costs.

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New Belt Catalogue TYMA 2019


We have published a new catalogue of TYMA CZ drive V-belts, timing and flat belts.

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Measure the belt pretension using your smartphone for free with Tension2Go app


In order for the belt to run properly, it is crucial that the belt tension be correct. Tension2Go is a practical tool for use on-site.

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New TYMA Product Range


Please have a look at our new catalogue - TYMA Product Range.

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