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Professional Chain Wear Gauge


Let's focus on a new product in our offer, which is currently the best gauge for checking chain wear on the market – this patented gauge is both the most accurate and convenient tool for this purpose.

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Spur Gears, Racks and Bevel Gears Newly Available in Eshop


We offer basic spur gears and racks with straight teeth, and bevel gears type A and B. In the eshop, the entire main category is newly reserved for them.

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Belts Antistatic Properties


Which belts are suitable for use in potentially explosive atmospheres? It is one of your frequently asked question. We therefore decided to take the topic in more detail even on our website. Belts that meet the antistatic requirements of the relevant standards are now marked in the e-shop with the ISO symbol.

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10 Years of Cooperation with Ammeraal Beltech


10 years have passed since the conclusion of TYMA CZ's partnership with Ammeraal Beltech. During this time, we have produced a large number of flat belts and conveyor belts and performed hundreds of assemblies of belts of this brand directly at customers in the Karlovy Vary, Liberec and Ústí nad Labem regions.

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Latest Information on Price Development

2021-11-05   |   actualized 2021-11-15

We assure you of our best effort to mitigate the adverse development in world markets as much as possible.

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More Stock Items Thanks to the Completed Reconstruction


In last months, we completed the reconstruction of our production and storage facilities. Thus we gained significantly larger premises for production and logistics – material flow was simplified and production capacity was expanded. We have also prepared a new delivery point for you.

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AT GEN III High-Performance Belts Now in Our Eshop


In response to the significantly growing demand for polyurethane drive timing belts for high performance, we have newly expanded our product range with CONTI SYNCHROFLEX series belts in the GEN III design.

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We Are Changing the Main Carrier for International Shipping


For orders sent abroad, we now offer delivery only through Fedex services (to some countries it was formerly through TNT).

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Universal Tensioners and Tensioning Pulleys Now in Our Eshop


We have expanded our Eshop product range with a category of chain and belt tensioners. This important part of transmissions performs the function of suspension, guidance, tensioning or damping directly during operation. This contributes to reducing wear and thus extends the service life of the transmission components.

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ContiTech has developed new transmission belts for trouble-free operation with less polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH).

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