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Our goal is to provide complete services in the field of drives and material transport, including design, manufacture, installation and service, especially in connection with belt and chain drives, conveyor belts, etc.

Převod ozubeným řemenem HTD 14MIn the field of drive belts, chains, shaft couplings and conveyor belts, we offer a range of solutions, from design and calculation to manufacturing and assembly. Our technicians have their offices in different regions throughout the Czech Republic and are able to immediately respond to customer requirements.

We provide flexible production, assembly and servicing of flat and conveyor belts within our service centre. We can optimally respond to customer needs in our region.

We provide technical information and advice aimed at specific customer requirements. In close collaboration with our customers, we design and recommend technical solutions to problems. The solutions we provide are fully in line with the latest technologies.

In the area of metalworking, we are able to provide complete production and modifications of pulleys, sprocket wheels and other components according to drawings of different materials – steel, cast iron, aluminium and plastic. We perform surface modification on finished products, such as coating, blackening, galvanising, hardening, balancing, etc.

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