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Pulleys for all kinds of V-Belts, timing belts, poly V-belts and variable speed belts including pulleys for banded belts and other accessories.

V-Belt Pulleys

For all V-belts and banded belts. The pulleys conform to DIN 2211 for both narrow and classical V-belts.

Poly-V-Belt Pulleys

Poly-V-Belt Pulleys PJ, PK, PL, PM can be used with all poly-v-belts. The pulleys conform to ISO 9982 and DIN 7867.

Timing Belt Pulleys

For timing belts, types HTD, STD, CTD, T and AT and belts with trapezoidal profiles.

Flat Belt Pulleys

For all flat drive belts. The pulleys conform to DIN 111.

Berges BECKER Pulleys (Variable Speed)

Variable speed pulleys covering a power range of 0.25 to 200 kW. Standard and wide V-belt technology.