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Pulleys are intended for all types of V-belts, timing belts, poly-V-belts and variable speed belts, including pulleys for banded belts and other accessories.

V-Belt Pulleys

For all V-belts and banded belts. The pulleys conform to DIN 2211 for both narrow and classical V-belts.

Poly-V-Belt Pulleys

Poly-V-belt pulleys PJ, PK, PL, PM can be used with all poly-v-belts. The pulleys conform to ISO 9982 and DIN 7867.

Timing Belt Pulleys

For timing belts, types HTD, STD, CTD, GTR, H.O.T., T and AT and belts with trapezoidal profiles.

Flat Belt Pulleys

For all flat drive belts. The pulleys conform to DIN 111.

Variable Speed Pulleys

Variators and variable speed pulleys for transmissions with the possibility of changing the speed with a variator or V-belt.