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Chains are used to transmit power or revolutions from the driving to the driven shaft. There is a synchronous transmission of revolutions without slippage. The drive and driven sprocket speeds are the same.

Drive Roller Chains - Preview

Drive Roller Chains

DIN 8187 – European B-series (06B, 08B, 10B... etc.), DIN 8188 – US A-series (ASA/ANSI). Simplex, duplex, triplex. Many other types and variants.
Roller Chains with Attachments - Preview

Roller Chains with Attachments

Chains with plastic attachments, U type attachments, vulcanised elastomer profiles and many other variants.

Leaf and Hoisting Chains - Preview

Leaf and Hoisting Chains

Special type of chains according to DIN 8152 in light and heavy design. They consist of a series of pins with alternately inserted plates.

Conveyor Chains - Preview

Conveyor Chains

Conveyor chains for material transport, redler chains, bush chains according to DIN 8164-68 and other accessories.