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Timing Belts

Timing belts are used for power transmission, or speed transmission respectively, from the drive pulley to the driven pulley. The drive speed is transmitted synchronously without slippage. The drive and driven pulley speeds are the same.

Drive Timing Belts (Endless) - Preview

Drive (Endless)

Rubber or polyurethane endless timing belts designed for machinery and equipment drive systems. A wide range of profiles, materials and tension members allows use for all power and speed ranges.

Linear Timing Belts (Open-Ended) - Preview

Linear (Open-Ended)

Polyurethane or neoprene open-ended timing belts for linear applications, lifting and hoisting equipment. In addition, polyurethane open-ended belts are used as semi-finished products for the production of conveyor timing belts.

Conveyor Timing Belts - Preview


Conveyor timing belts made of polyurethane open-ended belts connected in endless belts. They are available in many standard profiles. For transport purposes, they are manufactured with various surface layers, carriers, profiles, punching, grinding and other modifications.

Lawn and Garden Double-Sided Timing Belts - Preview

Lawn and Garden

Rubber double-sided timing belts for mowing drives on lawn mowers and garden tractors. Can be used as replacement parts for most manufacturers of garden equipment such as Stiga, Stihl, Husquarna, Viking, Toro, Kubota, MTD, Castel Garden and more.