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Conveyor Timing Belts

Conveyor belts are polyurethane timing belts – open-ended belts or endless belts with or without a joint. They are available in many standard profiles.

The base body is made of steel tension member, in special cases of Kevlar or stainless steel tension member. The teeth and back of the belt are made of thermoplastic polyurethane. Surface layers or carriers can be welded or glued to the belts.

FLEX (Truly Endless)

Truly endless polyurathane timing belts without any connection for high speed power transmission and high load conveying applications.

SYNCRO-MAX (Extra-Wide)

Polyurethane timing belts in profiles T10 and H profiles in widths up to 500 mm.

ULTRASYNC (Extra-Wide)

Fabric based conveyor timing belts in standard T10 profil in widths up to 1000 mm.

In addition to the classic division of belts according to their type, in the case of conveyor belts, due to the demands on their application, a division according to the possibility of connection or fastening is also offered:

Welded Timing Belts

Heat-welded conveyor timing belts made of standard polyurethane open-ended timing belts.

EMF Connected Timing Belts

Conveyor timing belts made of standard open-ended belts connected by a special connection with metal pins.

EFT Connected Timing Belts

Conveyor timing belts with inserted metal teeth for fastening profiles and cleats of various materials.