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Conveyor Timing Belts

Conveyor Timing Belts polyurethane or neoprene open-ended timing belts for transport and linear aplication.

FLEX (Truly Endless)

Truly endless polyurathane timing belts without any connection for high speed power transmission and high load conveying applications.

SYNCRO-MAX (Extra-Wide)

Polyurethane timing belts in profiles T10 and H profiles in widths up to 500 mm.

ULTRASYNC (Extra-Wide)

Fabric based conveyor timing belts in standard T10 profil in widths up to 1000 mm.

Welded Timing Belts

Heat-welded conveyor timing belts made of standard polyurethane open-ended timing belts.

EMF Connected Timing Belts

Conveyor timing belts made of standard open-ended belts connected by a special connection with metal pins.

EFT Connected Timing Belts

Conveyor timing belts with entered metal teeth for fastening profiles and cleats of various materials.