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88 Shore A Polyurethane Twin Open-Ended V-Belts

88 Shore A polyurethane twin open-ended V-belts are manufactured for welding as conveyor and drive belts of any length.

Belts with a hardness of 88 Shore A are made of highly resistant BEHA PU85A plastic and, in some types, are reinforced with polyester tensile fibers. They are characterized by high strength, long service life, high temperature and chemical resistance.

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PU85A 30 × 8 - Twin Smooth Reinforced (88 ShA, Polyester Cord, Mint Green) - 30m Roll Polyurethane Banded V-Belt

PU85A 30 × 8 - Twin Smooth Reinforced (88 ShA, Polyester Cord, Mint Green) - 30m Roll

Polyurethane Banded V-Belt

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Belts Construction

Polyurethane Twin V-Belt Structure

  1. Polyurethane

Belts Fields of Use

Belts are used as conveyor or drive belts in many industries, especially for light and medium loads.

The most common applications are as conveyor belts in the glass, ceramic or food industry, but also in logistics and on packaging machines, in printers and in the paper industry or in the production of building materials.

Belts Characteristics

  • High tensile strength and abrasion resistance
  • Excellent weldability, possibility of joining the piece
  • Resistance to oils, greases, pollution and chemicals
  • Temperature resistance from −30 °C to +80 °C
  • Can be used in the food industry

Belts Material

BEHA PU85A polyurethane with a hardness of 88 Shore A.

Belts Code Description

PU85A 30 × 8 - Twin Reinforced Smooth (88 ShA, Polyester Cord, Mint Green) - 30m Roll

Code Part Description

BEHAbelt material name (PU = polyurethane, the number does not correspond to the designation of the Shore A hardness test)

30 × 8 Belt profile dimension in mm
Twin Reinforced Belt version
Smooth Material surface
88 ShA Belt hardness according to the Shore A test
Polyester Cord Material of the tensile fiber
Mint Green Belt color
30m Roll Standard package

Documents for Download

Product Range - Preview

Product Range

BEHAbelt Catalogue

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Belt Manufacturer Profile


Beha Innovation GmbH is a German company based in Glottertal, Germany. They extrude a complete line of the highest quality Polyurethane and Polyester profiles and conveyor belts for transport and drive applications.

True to the motto “smart conveying”, BEHA has been supplying innovative drive and conveying technology products since 1974. They provide quick and accurate service through their worldwide distribution network.

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