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TYMA Team – People by the Machines

Our team members are technicians who know the real operation and design of machines. You meet them whether they are people from our sales team, employees of the technical department or warehouse workers. After all, we have been providing professional services in the field of belts, transmissions, linear technology, conveyor belts and other assortment for more than 20 years.

We always want to solve things in a comprehensive way: from the initial check of the equipment to the long-term cooperation. We are not interested only in supplying individual parts and no longer worry about their operation and reliability. The satisfied customer is our main goal.

Belts, chains, conveyor belts or shaft couplings are never just separate parts, they are always part of the system. If any part of the equipment is not working properly, the whole unit is not working properly and the components are being damaged. We are therefore trying to solve things in context. We analyze the causes of failures, as part of the consultancy we try to help the customer with the machine operation. We find the causes and logical solutions to problems where mere replacement of a part is often not the most appropriate solution, especially if other, better and more durable materials already exist today.

TYMA Team 2021
TYMA Team 2021

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