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Beha Innovation GmbH is a German company based in Glottertal, Germany. They extrude a complete line of the highest quality Polyurethane and Polyester profiles and conveyor belts for transport and drive applications.


True to the motto “smart conveying”, BEHA has been supplying innovative drive and conveying technology products since 1974. They provide quick and accurate service through their worldwide distribution network.

Polyurethane or polyester belts, usually of round or V- profiles, are welded into conveyor and drive belts of practically of any length. Belts are used as driving or transport belts in many industrial branches, especially in small and medium loads. Belts can be connected with special tools directly on machines. You can find more information about PU open-ended belts here.

BEHAbelt offers the following range of products and accessories:

  • Open-ended polyurethane or polyester belts
  • Round and hollow round belts, V-belts, banded belts, ridge-top belts and many other profiles
  • Elastic monolithic flat belts
  • PU coatings
  • Welding machines, tools and other equipment

BEHA official website: