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CONTI VSM Device Repairs and Calibration

We provide service, repairs and calibration of supplied ContiTech VSM devices for transmission tension measurement.

Contitech VSM

If device calibration is necessary (or in case of a malfunction or a damage), you can contact our company or directly the manufacturer’s service centre.

The repair is provided uniformly for ContiTech by an external company, Ingenierbüro Feinwerktechnik GbR in Dresden, Germany.

Please send the device directly to the service centre with a completed order form, or to our company and we will arrange the repair for you.

Price List for Calibration and Repairs of ContiTech VSM Devices

  Price excluding VAT
Issuance of the certificate for a new device Device number is displayed on the back side under the battery. 55 EUR
Check and issuance of the certificate for a used device
95 EUR
Device repair (according to the actual extent) 86,50 EUR per hour
Complete sensor head 153,39 EUR

Displayed prices are for individual operations. Charged prices include delivery costs for transport to and from the supplier. Information is provided with each measuring device.

If you need the certificate for a new device please tell us the device number; it is displayed on the back side under the battery. It is not necessary to send the device.

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