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Flat and Conveyor Belts

Flat and conveyor belts are used for power transmission and material handling.

They are supplied as open-ended or endless drive flat belts or conveyor belts. It is also possible to connect them directly on the machines.

Synthetic Conveyor Belts - Preview

Synthetic Conveyor Belts

Plastic conveyor belts that are used in almost all industries. They are designed for transport and handling of material mainly in the indoor environment.

Elastomer Conveyor Belts - Preview

Elastomer Conveyor Belts

Applications in difficult operating conditions. They meet high requirements for abrasion, temperature, mechanical and chemical resistance.

ZIPLINK Special Conveyor Belts - Preview

ZIPLINK Special Conveyor Belts

High quality belts consisting of a special spiral net with a surface layer. The belts can be connected quickly and easily without special tools or service. It brings lower costs and minimizes production losses.

RAPPLON Flat Drive Belts - Preview

RAPPLON Flat Drive Belts

A wide range of high-performance RAPPLON flat belts with a polyamide tension layer and belts of new generation with thermoplastic properties.

Endless T150, Ne, Pu and Si Belts - Preview

Endless T150, Ne, Pu and Si Belts

Thin flat endless drive belts without a joint for the highest speeds and torques. They are used where belts with a joint cannot be used.

Endless Woven Belts - Preview

Endless Woven Belts

Endless woven belts made without a joint for the most demanding process applications. They are used where belts with a joint cannot be used.

SOLIFLEX Homogeneous Belts - Preview

SOLIFLEX Homogeneous Belts

Blue smooth homogeneous surface of the belt without cracks and gaps that could trap bacteria. They meet all major international food standards.

BEHAbelt Monolithic Conveyor Flat Belts - Preview

BEHAbelt Monolithic Belts

Elastic homogeneous belts made of polyurethane without textile insert. Monolithic structure for simple and perfect cleaning. Ideal for direct contact with food.

Modular Belts - Preview

Modular Belts

Plastic conveyor belts for demanding applications. The modular belts consist of plastic modules which are connected with connecting pins. They are driven by gear wheels, which also have the function of belt guide.

Slat Top and Conveyor Chains - Preview

Slat Top and Conveyor Chains

Plastic and steel slat top chains designed for transport and packaging of various types of products. They are mainly used in the food or glass industry.

Conveyor Rollers - Preview

Conveyor Rollers

Rollers and conveyors components, drum motors, storage technology, automation.