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Manufacture of Drive Belts and Conveyor Belts

In our production areas, we manufacture and modify drive and transport timing belts, flat belts and conveyor belts designed for drives, transport and linear technology. We also provide assembly and replacement of conveyor belts directly at the customer's facility.

Our range of services in the field of drive and conveyor belt manufacture:

Manufacture of Drive Timing Belts

  • Extensive stock range, fast delivery times
  • Complete range of all profiles HTD, STD, CTD, inch profiles XL, L, H, XH and XXH, T and AT
  • Serial automated production of larger quantities


We manufacture drive timing rubber and polyurethane belts from semi-finished products by Continental Contitech according to the customer's requirements.

Manufacture of Conveyor Timing Belts

Svařovací zařízení pro spojování ozubených řemenů | Detail spoje pro svařování | Polyuretanový transportní řemen

Production of polyurethane conveyor belts is performed by heating an open-ended timing belt by means of a special single-purpose welding machine.

It is possible to weld thermoplastic polyurethane belts of all profiles, from the smallest T2.5 profile to the most durable AT20 and HDT-14 M, in widths ranging from 6 mm to a maximum of 100 mm, and for some profiles even up to 150 mm.

Special Modifications and Labeling of Belts

  • Manufacture on special single-purpose machines
  • Extensive range of tools for special surface treatments and perforation
  • Professional marking and labeling equipment

We provide:

  • special custom modifications of timing and flat belts,
  • slitting,
  • surface grinding,
  • perforation,
  • reduced width and length tolerances,
  • belt labeling,
  • printing of customer codes.

Manufacture of Flat and Conveyor Belts

  • Basic belt types in stock, quick and flexible service
  • Modern machinery and professionally trained staff
  • Special production and modifications, V-guide profiles, slide gates, surface layering, etc.

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We manufacture flat and conveyor belts for many different industries.

Since 2011, our company has been an official distributor of flat and transport belts of Ammeraal Beltech and an official service centre in the Ústí nad Labem, Liberec and Karlovy Vary region.

Dílna pro výrobu dopravních pásů

Assembly of Drive and Conveyor Belts at the Customer's Site

  • On-site service directly on the customer's machine
  • Professional assembly, modern machinery and professionally trained staff
  • Proximity to the customer = low price of assembly and transport

Montáž plochého pásu u zákazníka

We offer and manufacture a wide range of drive and conveyor belts. We also provide technical advice, service and installation of belts.

We provide delivery, assembly and service of conveyor belts at the customer's site. The conveyor and flat belts are fastened directly on the customer's machine or equipment.

Upon request, we produce V-guide profiles, slide gates, surface layering and other modifications.