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Berges is a leading global supplier of a wide range of variable speed pulleys covering power range of 0.25 to 200 kW. In addition to variable speed pulleys, the company also supplies remote controls and accessories of variable speed drives, complete variable speed transmissions, friction wheels, etc.


Variable speed pulleys are designed for drives with infinitely variable speed adjustment that are driven by a variable speed belt or a V-belt. The speed adjustment is controlled by a mechanical, hydraulic, or electrical remote controls.

In 1926, Berges’s story of success started in a small town called ‘Marienheide’. The company was founded by the brothers Carl and Wilhelm Berges, who focused on the production of presses and die-cutters for processing metals and plastics. Afterwards, in the 1940s, both brothers expanded their product range by adding infinitely variable mechanical drive technology. The next level and expansion of international activities took place in 1971, when Berges founded a subsidiary in Naturns, South Tyrol in Italy.

Finally, Berges acquired the asymmetrical BECKER pulley technology in 2003 and made itself world’s unique specialist in the construction of symmetrical and asymmetrical pulleys.

The BECKER system is a variable speed drive with asymmetrical pulleys and an asymmetrical variable speed belt. It involves the use of a special variable speed belt with asymmetrical profile. This innovative solution enables individual variable speed transmission solutions with power up to 200 kW.

Our company is an authorized regional distributor of Berges and we offer a complete range of variable speed belts, pulleys and transmissions.

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