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PTFE Foil, Mesh, Belts

PTFE is used in need of increased load, chemical resistance and low coefficient of friction. From PTFE produced many highly resistant products - foil, mesh, plates, profiles, endless conveyor belts etc.

PTFE Coated Fabrics

Glassy or kevlar fabric coated with PTFE. Supplied in rolls or tapes, self-adhesive or non self-adhesive.

PTFE Conveyor Belts

PTFE foils connected in the endless conveyor belts different types of connections, incl. edges editing, lines etc.

PTFE Coated Open-End Mesh

Glassy, kevlar or combined fabrics are coated with PTFE. They are supplied by the meter in rolls.

Fiberglass or Kevlar Dryer Belt

PTFE fabric joined in endless dryer or conveyor belts in various types of connections, incl. editing edges, guidance etc.

PTFE Semifinished Products

PTFE natural white as semi-finished products - bars, round bars, tubes, plates, foils etc.

More Information about Foils

Nabízíme mnoho variant folií, tkanin, pásů... atd.

Nabízíme mnoho variant folií, tkanin, pásů... atd.

Properties of PTFE :

  • temperature resistant from −190 °C to +260 °C, briefly up to +300 °C, non-flammable!
  • high chemical resistance, acid resistance, gasoline, oil etc.
  • resistance to mildew
  • resistance to UV, infrared and high frequency radiation
  • possibility of use in contact with foodadhesive surface, non-stick, low friction coefficient
  • very long service life, resistance to aging
  • easy washability