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PTFE Coated Foils and Tapes

PTFE coated foils and tapes are made of glass or Kevlar fabrics, which are coated with PTFE. This significantly improves their properties, especially strength and durability.

Fabrics are supplied by the meter or as tapes in rolls.

Non-Self-Adhesive PTFE Coated Foils and Tapes - Preview


Glass fabrics coated with highly resistant PTFE.

Self-Adhesive PTFE Coated Foils and Tapes - Preview


Glass fabrics coated with highly resistant PTFE and provided on one side with a self-adhesive layer of highly adhesive silicone for gluing to surfaces.

Foils Construction

Non-Self-Adhesive PTFE Foil Structure

  1. Teflon bottom layer
  2. Glass or Kevlar fabric
  3. Teflon top layer

Foils Fields of Use

Self-adhesive PTFE foils are designed for use in all industries where non-stick properties, low coefficient of friction and at the same time high temperature and chemical resistance or health safety and food contact certificate are required.

They are used in the chemical, food, automotive industry, in stamping, welding, packaging machinery and in other equipment.

Foils Characteristics

  • Temperature resistance from −170 °C to +260 °C, self-adhesive foils from −70 °C to +260 °C
  • Non-flammable
  • High chemical resistance, resistance to acids, degreasers, gasoline, oil, etc.
  • Mold resistance
  • Resistance to UV radiation, infrared and high frequency radiation
  • Possibility of use in contact with food
  • Non-stick surface, low coefficient of friction
  • Very long service life, resistance to aging
  • Easy to wash, the surface does not get dirty

Documents for Download

Dimensions and Parameters of PTFE Glass Fabrics - Preview

Dimensions and Parameters of PTFE Glass Fabrics

TYMA CZ Data Sheets

Czech and English (PDF 137.27 kB)

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