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Universal Chain Tensioners

Universal chain tensioners are automatic tensioners for tensioning of chains during operation.

They consist of a lever that is flexibly mounted between two squares and attached to the base of the machine. The elastic part consists of rubber elastic segments. Tensioning pulleys of the chains or a sliding block are attached to the lever with a screw.

It is a universal flexible element that can simultaneously perform the functions of suspension, guidance, tensioning and damping.

OVR Polyethylene Tensioning Sliding Blocks - Preview

OVR (Sliding Blocks)

Roller chain tensioner elements consisting of a sliding segment made of a special highly resistant and abrasion-resistant plastic and a screw for attaching to the lever of the universal tensioner.

ZK Sprockets with Screw - Preview

ZK (Sprockets with Screw)

Roller chain tensioner elements consisting of one, two or three tensioning pulleys according to the type of chain and a screw for attaching to the lever of the universal tensioner.

SR Idler Sprockets - Preview

SR (Idler Sprockets)

Special type of sprockets for roller chains according to DIN 8187 with pressed single-row bearing.

Tensioners Construction

Tensioners Construction Example

  1. FE tensioning arm with central screw for external mounting
  2. OVR tensioning sliding block
  3. Fixing screw with nut and washer

Tensioners Fields of Use

Universal chain tensioners are designed for tensioning of common industrial roller chains in all industries.

Typical application is small and medium-sized roller chains – for conveyors, roller conveyors, handling equipment, construction machinery, in the woodworking industry, packaging machines or in the food industry.

Tensioners Characteristics

  • They perform damping, guiding and tensioning function
  • Simple construction, easy installation
  • They extend service life and reduce wear
  • They reduce vibration and transmission noise
  • Max. angle of rotation ±30 °
  • Operating temperatures from −40 °C to +80 °C
  • Maintenance-free design

Tensioners Material

Body and lever made of steel, rubber elements made of highly durable rubber.

Tensioners Code Description

RE 60

Code Part Description

Type of tensioner




When ordering a complete chain tensioner, always order the FE or RE tighteners element and the corresponding tension element. For chains it is ZK or OVR.

Documents for Download

Dimensions and Parameters of Universal Chain and Belt Tensioners - Preview

Dimensions and Parameters of Universal Chain and Belt Tensioners

TYMA CZ Data Sheets

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Sprockets and Plate Wheels - Preview

Sprockets and Plate Wheels

TYMA CZ Catalogue

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