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By developing, designing and manufacturing gear and disc types couplings for the entire industrial market, ESCO Couplings has become a leader of the world’s major manufacturer of couplings and is known and recognized by his peers as a specialist in top quality couplings.


ESCO is a family owned and run business specialized in designing, manufacturing, selling and distributing power transmission products and services. ESCO operates in multiple European countries, in China and in India through wholly owned subsidiaries. The group can further rely on a tight-knit network of distributors who promote our brand in more than 25 countries around the world.

Although ESCO started as a reseller of power transmissions products (mainly torque converters and marine reversing gear units), Eugène Schmidt, the founder, developed his company into multiple industrial segments. Today, the group is organized in two separate business units, each one focussed on a distinct business model: ESCO Couplings and ESCO Transmissions.

We can offer you the following shaft couplings from the ESCO Couplings product range:

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