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Energy-Saving Belts – Save 15%

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Free Energy-Saving Package

We offer you the following activities to increase efficiency and save energy:

  1. Transmission analysis based on entered data
    We will analyze your belt transmission using the CONTI Professional calculation program.
  2. Identification and check of belts directly on the machine
  3. Check and calculation of belt transmission, suggestion of possible changes
  4. Energy efficiency analysis, calculation and suggestion of drive modifications
    The result is the calculation protocol with possible annual energy savings.

Example of Energy Saving

Fan drive 30 kW, 1,500 rpm, continuous operation 7,200 operating hours per year, maintenance check and tensioning twice a year.

More than 15% energy saving can be achieved by converting from standard CONTI V SPB 2360 Lw V-belts to CONTI SYNCHROCHAIN CTD 2100-C14M-37 timing belts.

In practice, this was equivalent to an energy saving of € 2,390 per year.

Do you want to save energy?

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Why Save Energy

Energy saving is a very important topic for most companies. Rising electricity prices, CO2 emissions reduction and environment protection are the main reasons for finding ways to reduce energy consumption. Energy-saving machines are both environmentally friendly and economical and they contribute to sustainable development.

In the power transmission chain (engine – transmission – machine) there are always energy losses. There are losses on the engine, bearings, belt transmission. Belt drives are one of the main areas where the energy efficiency of machines can be increased.

Learn more about belt efficiency and energy saving options.

Product Range of Energy-Saving Belts


Change from classic V-belts to narrow V-belts for highest performance and speed according to ISO 4184 (DIN 7753), in some cases to the US RMA/MPTA standard.

  • Higher power transmission
    Higher rigidity and low elongation
  • Maintenance-free belts
    It is not necessary to retension the belts during operation.


By simply changing the V-belt transmission to the timing belt transmission, savings of between 3 and 8% can be achieved.

  • Maximum efficiency, increased performance, reduced bearing stress
    These and other benefits will be gained by further drive optimization.
  • Fans, pumps or presses
    Typical examples of changing the drive to timing belts. And of course many other machines.

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