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V-Belts are used to transmit power, respectively revolutions from the driving to the driven pulley. V-belt transmissions are prone to slippage.

Drive V-Belts (Endless) - Preview

Drive (Endless)

Rubber or polyurethane endless V-belts designed for machinery and equipment drive systems. A wide range of profiles, materials and tension members allows use for all power and speed ranges.

Open-Ended V-Belts - Preview


Open ended Link and Connector V-belts, Transmission and Conveyor Belting made of PU and TPE

CONTI-V Automotive V-Belts - Preview


CONTI-V and CONTI-V MULTIBELT V-belts for motor vehicles for transmission of high powers and revolutions

Lawn and Garden V-Belts - Preview

Lawn and Garden

CONTI V INSTA-POWER and SWR GARDENPOWER heavy-duty V-belts with a special jacket for opimum slip control and soundless clutch engagement.