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Eshop Operating Hints

The Products section is the up-to-date online catalogue of the TYMA CZ product range.

Some categories are used for direct sale via the Eshop, others only for product presentation. In such a case, please do not hesitate to send us an inquiry about the offered products – either via the online form on the website, or by e-mail or telephone – we will be happy to prepare an offer tailored to your needs.

Using Eshop – Orientation and Navigation

The offered products are placed in hierarchically divided categories – you will always find products at the end of the branch.


Product Search WhispererThe fastest possible way to find a product is to use the Eshop search. It is located in the page header.

When entering three or more characters into the search field, the so-called whisperer will offer available search results (automatically, in case of a match).

The search presupposes the designation of products in the usual form – we try to offer relevant results for various combinations of entries (spaces, dashes, slashes). Examples of product names can be found below on this page.

Category Tree

A hierarchical tree of product category structure is available on the left side of the page when the browser window size or the device display size is sufficient. By clicking on the +/− symbol, you can open and close any branches of the tree without switching to the category. The category names in the tree serve as links.

Product Names Examples

Product Code Product Type
SPA 800 Ld Narrow V-Belt
XPA 800 Ld Narrow V-Belt
13x750 Li A 29,5 Clasical V-Belt
5V 1120/3 / 15J 2845 Banded V-Belt
AVX 13x1000 La Narrow V-Belt (Automotive)
2019 PJ-6 Poly-V-Belt
HTD 8M-1120-30 Timing Belt
150 XL 037 Timing Belt
16 T10 - 1210 Timing Belt
STD DS8M-800-50 Double-Sided Timing Belt
SPA 250-3 TB 2517 V-Belt Pulley
125 PL-8 2012 Poly-V-Belt Pulley
18 L 050 (Type 8F) TB 1108 Timing Belt Pulley
28-14M-40 (Type 4F) TB 2012 Timing Belt Pulley
47 AT10/25-2 Timing Belt Pulley
TB 2517-25 Taper Lock Bush
RCK 11 - 30 × 55 mm (KLEE 30) Clamping Bush
08B-1-30-N (1/2 × 5/16) Sprocket with Hub
08B-2-12-P (1/2 × 5/16) Platewheel

If you cannot find the product you are looking for, please contact us via the contact form, or by e-mail or telephone.