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Product Names Examples

Product code Product type
SPA 800 Ld Narrow V-Belt
XPA 800 Ld Narrow V-Belt
13x750 Li A 29,5 Clasical V-Belt
5V 1120/3 / 15J 2845 Banded V-Belt
AVX 13x1000 La Narrow V-Belt (Automotive)
2019 PJ-6 Poly-V-Belt
HTD 8M-1120-30 Timing Belt
150 XL 037 Timing Belt
16 T10 - 1210 Timing Belt
STD DS8M-800-50 Double-Sided Timing Belt
SPA 250-3 TB 2517 V-Belt Pulley
125 PL-8 2012 Poly-V-Belt Pulley
18 L 050 (Type 8F) TB 1108 Timing Belt Pulley
28-14M-40 (Type 4F) TB 2012 Timing Belt Pulley
47 AT10/25-2 Timing Belt Pulley
TB 2517-25 Taper Lock Bush
RCK 11 - 30 × 55 mm (KLEE 30) Clamping Bush
08B-1-30-N (1/2 × 5/16) Sprocket with Hub
08B-2-12-P (1/2 × 5/16) Platewheel

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