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Timing Pulley Flanges

Flanges are used to keep timing belts operating on their pulleys.

They are steel rings of different sizes, which correspond to the sizes of timing pulleys of different profiles.

The basic types are galvanized or blackened, depending on the profile.


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Flanges Fields of Use

The flanges are designed to secure the lateral guidance of the timing belt.

To prevent the belt jumping out of the pulley, at least one flange must be placed on each side of the belt.

Flanges Material


Other materials to order.

Surface finish:

  • Galvanized for alluminium timing pulleys
  • Burnished for steel and iron pulleys


Dimensions of the mounting for pressing the side panels - see the technical catalogs of the pulley manufacturers or contact our Technical Department.

Flange Code Description

B22 galvanized
B - flange, 22  - flange size (sizes can be found in the catalogue list)

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