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ESCODISC DMU Series Couplings

ESCODISC DMU series couplings are all-metal torsionally rigid, backlash-free and maintenance-free shaft couplings. Torque is transmitted by high-strength stainless steel discs.


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Couplings Description

ESCODISC DMU series couplings are of an all-metal, non-lubricated design and are torsionally stiff. The torque is transmitted by means of discs, which are alternatively mounted (on the same bolt circle) to the drive and driven flange of the disc pack assembly.

Disc couplings will in most cases have two flexible elements and a spacer. As all parts are positively connected, this disc coupling ensures good inherent balancing properties and is hence often used at motor speeds without additional balancing.

The ESCODISC DMU series is built for infinite life and to meet the demands of the market for efficiency, lower maintenance and reduced life cycle costs. It is the ideal solution to a multitude of applications up to 260,000 Nm (and larger upon request), thanks to its high torque, bore and misalignment capacities, its high degree of natural inherent balance (lower AGMA class 9) up to size 85.

The misalignment capacity depends on the pack thickness, the disc material, the amount of drive bolts and the free span of the material between the drive bolts. The ESCODISC couplings meet the API 610 standards.

The couplings are able to compensate for radial, angular and axial misalignments.

Couplings Construction

ESCODISC DMU Series Coupling Construction

  1. Set of stainless steel discs with a special surface treatment
  2. Left hub
  3. Right hub
  4. Spacer
  5. High strength bolts

Couplings Advantages

  • Unitized disc pack that can be replaced on site
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Discs with an optimized shape unitized as a pack
  • Fillers avoiding contact between discs hence no fretting corrosion
  • Coasting down torque transmission guaranteeing in case of disc pack failure

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We also provide design and calculation of transmission components, including shaft couplings. In the case of your interest in this service, use the detailed Transmission Drive Design Form.

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If you submit the form, we will use your personal data (name, surname, email) to reply to your inquiry or question. All important information can be found in the Privacy Policy.

Shaft Coupling Manufacturer Profile


By developing, designing and manufacturing gear and disc types couplings for the entire industrial market, ESCO Couplings has become a leader of the world’s major manufacturer of couplings and is known and recognized by his peers as a specialist in top quality couplings.

ESCO is a family owned and run business specialized in designing, manufacturing, selling and distributing power transmission products and services. ESCO operates in multiple European countries, in China and in India through wholly owned subsidiaries. The group can further rely on a tight-knit network of distributors who promote our brand in more than 25 countries around the world.

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