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KWD ELKU-N Elastic Couplings

KWD ELKU-N are torsionally flexible, puncture-proof shaft couplings with two metal hubs with front claws and rubber elements. They transmit torque through pressure-stressed elastic "H" shaped buffers to absorb shock and torsional vibrations. These buffers are not connected to each other but are individually mounted in the hub. The set of buffers then corresponds to a discontinuous ring-shaped element. This element is oil resistant and electrically conductive. ELKU-N coupling hubs are made of grey cast iron, either unbored or with a pilot bore.

ELKU-N couplings can be used for both directions of rotation and each mounting position. They are compatible with Flender N-EUPEX couplings.

KWD ELKU-N A Elastic Couplings - Preview

A Series (Complete Kits)

Design with Claw Ring
Kit: 2 hubs + claw ring + elastic elements set
KWD ELKU-N B Elastic Couplings - Preview

B Series (Complete Kits)

Basic Design with One-Piece Hubs
Kit: 2 hubs + elastic elements set
KWD ELKU-N H Elastic Couplings - Preview

H Series (Complete Kits)

Design with Spacer
Kit: 2 hubs + claw ring + spacer + elastic elements set
KWD ELKU-N Elastic Elements - Preview

Elastic Elements

Spare parts for ELKU-N couplings of various sizes

Series of ELKU-N Couplings

We offer flexible ELKU-N couplings in following versions:

Product Series Description Illustration

A Series

Design with Claw Ring

One of the hubs is composed of two parts – a flange hub and an outer claw ring, which is bolted to the hub.

When replacing the worn flexible element, or disassembling and assembling, it is not necessary to move the individual machine parts, but it is sufficient to disassemble the two-piece hub.

KWD ELKU-N A - Design with Claw Ring

B Series

Basic Design with One-Piece Hubs

Each of the hubs therefore consists of only one part.

When replacing a worn flexible element or disassembling and assembling, it is necessary to move the individual machine parts.

KWD ELKU-N B - Basic Design with One-Piece Hubs

H Series

Design with Spacer

Due to the design of the pumps, one of the hubs is composed of three parts – a flange hub, an outer claw ring and a spacer, which is bolted to the hub and claw ring.

When disassembling for service, there is then no need to move the individual machine parts and the necessary space is created (e.g. for removing the pump rotor).

These couplings are compatible with Flender N-EUPEX couplings.

KWD ELKU-N H - Design with Spacer

In addition to these basic series, it is also possible to order couplings with a brake drum (ELKU-N P), couplings with a brake disc (ELKU-N S1 and ELKU-N S2) or couplings with a flange. If you are interested, please use the form below.

Couplings Construction

KWD ELKU-N A Coupling Construction

  1. One-piece hub
  2. Flange hub
  3. Claw ring
  4. "H" shaped elastic buffers

Couplings Fields of Use

ELKU-N elastic couplings are designed for the highest requirements in a wide range of industries, especially for compressors, pumps, conveyors and many other machines.

They are available in two-part or three-part versions and in many other variants with brake discs, brake drums or with spacers. The three-part design allows the replacement of elastic elements without the need to disassemble the machine.

Couplings Characteristics

  • Compensates for angular, parallel and axial shaft misalignments of the connected machines
  • Available in two- and three-piece versions, with brake drum, brake disc or spacer
  • Elastic elements operate in temperature ranges of −30 °C to +100 °C
  • Replacement of elastic elements without axial movement of the coupled machines (principle of the multi-part design)
  • Nominal torque TKN form 25 to 100,000 Nm.
  • Dimensions interchangeable with N-EUPEX couplings and other similar types

Documents for Download

ELKU-N Flexible Claw Couplings - Preview

ELKU-N Flexible Claw Couplings

KWD Catalogue

English (PDF 1.44 MB)

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We also provide design and calculation of transmission components, including shaft couplings. In the case of your interest in this service, use the detailed Transmission Drive Design Form.

Shaft Coupling Manufacturer Profile


Saxon company KWD Kupplungswerk Dresden GmbH is a specialist manufacturer of couplings and drive components. Couplings from Dresden are used in machines and installations for the extraction of raw materials, in the mechanical engineering sector, in construction and agricultural machinery, in wind power plants, in steel and rolling mill equipments and many other drives, and are rated highly due to their functionality, robustness and reliability.

KWD can look back on a lengthy engineering tradition that dates back to the period of the industrial revolution. The company has gained a leading position in the field of rail vehicle construction in the past few years - high speed trains, metros, suburban railway systems, trams, monorail vehicles and locomotives with low LCC costs which prove their worth throughout all the world's continents.

TYMA CZ is an authorized regional distributor of KWD.

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