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EFT System Connected Polyurethane Conveyor Timing Belts

EFT mechanical fastening system is specially designed for fastening cleats with fixing screws. The system allows the application of profiles of any material (steel, polyamide, POM, wood, etc.) and in any dimension.

The belt tooth is replaced by a metal tooth made of zinc coated or stainless steel with threaded holes. The cleats are then attached to the belt with fixing screws.

EFT connected timing belts are available in two versions: total tooth design (the polyurethane tooth is entirely replaced by a steel tooth) or embedded tooth design (tooth sides remain and prevent metal to metal contact with the pulley).

EFT Mechanical Fastening System

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Belts Construction

EFT Polyurethane Timing Belts Connection Construction

  1. EFT belt with ground tooth and holes
  2. Entered false metal tooth
  3. Attached carrier
  4. Fixing screws

Belts Fields of Use

EFT connected timing belts are used in selected industry areas as conveyor timing belts where the cleats are exposed to very high loads, where it is necessary to attach cleats made of different material from the polyurethane belt body or where an easy disassembly and replacement of the cleats is required.

They are most often used in machines in the food, automotive or woodworking industries, in distribution centres, packaging machines and many other devices.

Belts Code Description

AT10 - 50 - 8900 EFT on every 10th tooth

Code Part Description



Tooth pitch in mm


Belt width in mm


Belt length in mm

EFT on every 10th tooth

Belt fastening system

Optional Belt Surface Layers

The choice of the surface layer depends on the type of machine, the ambient temperature, the size of the pulleys, etc. Specifying the surface layer is determined by the material and the thickness of the layer.

Layer Name Material Layer Illustration
PAZ (NFT) - nylon fabric on teeth
Low coefficient of friction
Nylon PAZ (nylon fabric on teeth)
PAR (NFB) - nylon fabric on back
Surface protection
Nylon PAZ (nylon fabric on back)
PAZ + PAR (NFT + NFB) - fabric on teeth and back
Low coefficient of friction and surface protection
Nylon PAZ PAR (fabric on teeth and back)

The fabric on teeth and back can be combined with all other layers. A complete range of belt surface layers

Documents for Download

Drive Belts - Preview

Drive Belts

TYMA CZ Catalogue

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Belt Manufacturer Profile

logo Elatech

Elatech, a Company of the SIT S.p.A. Group, is fully dedicated to the research, development and manufacture of polyurethane belts for industrial applications.

SIT belongs to a large industrial group that dates as far back as 1838. Today, thanks to over 50 years of specific experience in power transmission and a close-knit team of highly qualified professionals, the Group engages in constant technological innovation in order to offer the best application solutions in mechanical power drives.

Their research and development are based in Italy, as well as the group’s main production and logistics centre. The global contribution given to their customers success is made through their subsidiaries in three continents, which are based in Germany, France, Switzerland, Spain, United States, China and India.

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