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ESCOGEAR N Series Couplings

The ESCOGEAR N series couplings are all-metal torsionally rigid ESCOGEAR gear couplings in a compact design with a one-piece body with internal teeth. The couplings enable the transmission of the highest torques with small installation dimensions.

ESCOGEAR N Series Coupling

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Couplings Description

The ESCOGEAR N series couplings are lubricated type couplings with the highest torque capacity. The ESCOGEAR N series couplings basically consist of two hubs with external teeth connected by means of one single internally geared sleeve and sealed by two flanges. This is a light version of the ESCOGEAR F series couplings.

The couplings are able to compensate for radial, angular and axial misalignments. Where the angular misalignment is determined by the gearing geometry, the axial capacity varies according to the manufacturer and can be great.

They have a small backlash and allows smooth running over the entire speed and torque range. Grease lubrication ensures low maintenance and at the same time allows relatively large shaft misalignment.

Couplings Construction

ESCOGEAR N Series Coupling Construction

  1. One-piece outer sleeve with internal teeth
  2. Two-part outer sheet metal cover with flange
  3. Left hub with external teeth
  4. Right hub with external teeth
  5. Seal in outer cover

Couplings Fields of Use

ESCOGEAR N series shaft couplings are designed for economical drive in all industries.

They are used mainly in the drives of conveyor systems, rolling mills and other drives in steel mills, in the paper, chemical and rubber industries.

The modular system offers maximum flexibility in assembling various configurations. The couplings are available in various sizes and designs.

Couplings Material

The ESCOGEAR N series couplings are generally made out of carbon steel Ck45 and the flanges of stamped steel.

Couplings Advantages

  • Maximum bores defined by standardized shaft diameters
  • Reduced external dimensions and weight
  • Easy installation and minimum maintenance requirements
  • Absolute reliability
  • Perfect homokinetic torque transmission

Documents for Download

NST ESCOGEAR Couplings - Preview


ESCO Catalogue

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Shaft Coupling Manufacturer Profile


By developing, designing and manufacturing gear and disc types couplings for the entire industrial market, ESCO Couplings has become a leader of the world’s major manufacturer of couplings and is known and recognized by his peers as a specialist in top quality couplings.

ESCO is a family owned and run business specialized in designing, manufacturing, selling and distributing power transmission products and services. ESCO operates in multiple European countries, in China and in India through wholly owned subsidiaries. The group can further rely on a tight-knit network of distributors who promote our brand in more than 25 countries around the world.

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