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CONTI V MULTIRIB Classical-Section Poly-V-Belts

CONTI V MULTIRIB (Classical) are V-ribbed belts for drives with small pulley diameters, large transmission ratios, high belt speeds and flexing/reverse tensioning idlers.

They combine the high flexibility of flat belts with the first-rate power transmission of V-belts. These belts enable economic solutions even under difficult drive conditions, such as large transmission ratios, high belt speeds, serpentine drives, small pulley diameters and flexing/reverse tensioning idlers.


CONTI V MULTIRIB® V-ribbed belts
Rib pitch s (mm): 2.34
Length range Lb (mm): 356 - 2 489


CONTI V MULTIRIB® V-ribbed belts
Rib pitch s (mm): 3.56
Length range Lb (mm): 630 - 2 555


CONTI V MULTIRIB® V-ribbed belts
Rib pitch s (mm): 4.70
Length range Lb (mm): 927 - 7 055


CONTI V MULTIRIB® V-ribbed belts
Rib pitch s (mm): 9.70
Length range Lb (mm): 2 134 - 16 764

Poly-V Sleeves

CONTI−V® MULTIRIB V-ribbed belts in sleeves
Rib pitch (mm): 2.34 - 9.70
Length range Lb (mm): 280 - 16 764

Belts Construction


  1. Synthetic rubber ribs
  2. Embedding compound
  3. Polyester tension member
  4. Polyamide cover fabric

Belts Fields of Use

The CONTI V® MULTIRIB (Classical) V-ribbed belts are ideal for serpentine drives and large transmission ratios. They cover an extremely wide spectrum of applications, ranging from household appliances, tools, automotive industry to heavy-duty industrial machinery.

Belts Characteristics

  • High transmission power and long life, almost vibration-free operation
  • High permissible peripheral speed up to 60 m/s
  • Implementation of large gear ratios
  • Temperature resistance from -30 °C to + 80 °C
  • Antistatic properties according to ISO 1813

Belt Code Description

1168 - length in mm; PJ - profile; 6 - number of ribs; CONTI-V MULTIRIB - type of belt


The number of ribs means number of elevations on the belt = number of grooves on the pulley.

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Belt Manufacturer Profile


Continental is the world’s largest specialist for rubber and plastics technology in the non-tire rubber sector. A division of Continental AG, the company develops and produces functional parts, components and systems for the automotive and other important industries.

ContiTech importance on immediate proximity to customers. ContiTech is active in 26 countries with 75 production sites and more than 40 R&D facilities and sales organizations. The customers around the world stand to profit: Greater safety. Higher efficiency. Closer proximity.

TYMA CZ, s.r.o., is the official distributor of Continental ContiTech Power Transmission Group.

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