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VTP - High Speed V-Belt Pulleys

VTP high-speed V-belt pulleys in SPZ, SPA, SPB and SPC profiles are a special type of V-belt pulleys. They are made of cast steel GGG 50 and compared to conventional pulleys made of gray cast iron, they have significantly better properties: higher strength and resistance, lower weight and higher peripheral speed.

The pulleys are mounted to the shafts using Taper Lock cone bushings.

SPZ VTP - High Speed V-Belt Pulleys - Preview

SPZ High Speed VTP

For belts SPZ, XPZ, 3V, 3VX, Z/10, ZX/10
Groove width b (mm): 10.0
Diameter Dm (mm): 50 - 630
SPA VTP - High Speed V-Belt Pulleys - Preview

SPA High Speed VTP

For belts SPA, XPA, A, AX, 13
Groove width b (mm): 13.0

Diameter Dm (mm): 63 - 900

SPB VTP - High Speed V-Belt Pulleys - Preview

SPB High Speed VTP

For belts SPB, XPB, 5V, 5VX, B, BX, 17
Groove width (mm): 17.0
Diameter D(mm): 900 - 1250
SPC VTP - High Speed V-Belt Pulleys - Preview

SPC High Speed VTP

For belts SPC, XPC, C, CX, 22
Groove width b (mm): 22.0

Diameter Dm (mm): 160 - 1250

Pulleys Fields of Use

The VTP® V-belt pulleys are designed for the highest peripheral speeds in all areas of engineering, especially for applications with high temperature, alternating and impact load, and wherever the conventional cast iron V-belt pulleys cannot be used.

They are typically used in compressors, blowers, machine tools, in the paper and chemical industry and in many other machines.

Pulleys Characteristics

  • Up to 50% lower weight
  • Increased peripheral speed up to 60 m/s (theoretically up to 100 m/s)
  • Lower moments of innertia
  • Longer V-belt life-span
  • Made of cast iron quality GGG 50 of higher strenght
  • New CDP (KTL) coating improves rust protection
  • Decreased temperature of the belts - up to 17 °C

Pulleys Material

Cast iron GGG60.

Pulleys Advantages

Decreased temperature of the belts up to 17 °C

A study demonstrates reduction of temperature of belts in VTP® pulleys up to 10 to 17 °C against standard pulleys. The pulleys have a perforated bottom groove and the heat is drained off the belt better during operation. Punching does not affect the pulley strength.

The tests show that the belts after 2 hours of operation of the VTP® SPB250-4 pulley have a temperature more than 10 °C lower that the standard SPB250-4 pulley.

Belt Temperature - Standard Pulley after approx. 2 hours of operation Belt Temperature - VTP Pulley after approx. 2 hours of operation

Pulleys Code Description

SPB 630/4 VTP TB 3525

Code Part Description



Nominal diameter of pulley in mm


Number of grooves


Ventilated Turbo Pulley high speed


Taper bush


Type of Taper busch

Pulleys Profile and Dimensions

Single and Multiple Wedge Groove Dimensions

Profile Dm
SPZ (≤80) >80 (38) 34 9.7 8.5 12.0 8 2.0 11.0
SPA (≤118) >118 (38) 34 12.7 11.0 15.0 10 2.8 13.8
SPB (≤190) >190 (38) 34 16.3 14.0 19.0 12 3.5 17.5
SPC (≤315) >315 (38) 34 22.0 19.0 25.5 17 4.8 23.8

Crown width \(B\): \[B = {E^{(n-1)} + 2 \cdot F}\ {[mm]}\] where \(n\) is the number of grooves.

Other technical data for particular groove dimensions are to be found in the technical documentation.

Documents for Download

Dimensions and Parameters of VTP V-Belt Pulleys - Preview

Dimensions and Parameters of VTP V-Belt Pulleys

TYMA CZ Data Sheets

Czech and English (PDF 2.05 MB)

Pulleys and Clamping Bushes - Preview

Pulleys and Clamping Bushes

TYMA CZ Catalogue

Czech and English (PDF 3.64 MB)

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