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Sliding Belt Guides for Separate Mounting

Sliding belt guides are standard sliding guides fixed separately directly on the machines. They reduce noise, friction and stress on the machine, as well as requirements for lubricants. They reduce the stress on the belt and increase its service life.

The sliding belt guides are made of a special highly resistant plastic.

Sliding Guides for V-Belts (V Type) - Preview

V (for V-Belts)

Belt sliding guides for separate assembly
V-profiles for V-belts
Sliding Guides for Timing Belts (F Type) - Preview

F (for Timing Belts)

Belt sliding guides for separate assembly
F-profiles for timing belts
Sliding Guides for Round Belts (R Type) - Preview

R (for Round Belts)

Belt sliding guides for separate assembly
R-profiles for round belts

Belt Guides Construction

Sliding Belt Guide Construction

  1. Open belt guide
  2. Timing belt

Belt Guides Fields of Use

Sliding belt guides for separate mounting are intended for all types of V-shaped, timing and round belts.

They are most often used for conveyors in the glass, food, woodworking, ceramic industries, sorting and distribution centers, airports or the automotive industry, etc.

Belt Guides Material

Special highly resistant PE-1000 plastic, standard in green design.

PE-1000 (PE-UHMW) is a polyethylene with very high molecular weight used in applications requiring a low coefficient of friction as well as extremely high durability, abrasion resistance, high impact strength and resistance to chemicals. It is characterized by very good machinability and is a suitable material for the production of sliding friction guides.

Belt Guide Code Description

F (HTD 14M-115) - 125 × 20 mm (PE-1000, L = 2000 mm)

Code Part Description

Belt guide type

HTD 14M-115

Timing belt type

125 × 20 mm

Basic dimensions b × h (width × height)


Guide material

L = 2000 mm

Standard guide length

Documents for Download

Dimensions and Parameters of Sliding Belt Guides - Preview

Dimensions and Parameters of Sliding Belt Guides

TYMA CZ Data Sheets

Czech and English (PDF 834.03 kB)

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