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Taper Lock Hubs and Adaptors

Taper Lock hubs, bolt-on hubs, weld-on hubs and adaptors are standardized components used to fasten components to shafts using Taper Lock bushes.

The hubs or adaptors are firmly connected to the component, which, after fixing, is capable of transmitting torque while being secured against axial displacement.

Taper Lock Bolt-On Hubs - Preview

Bolt-On Hubs

Taper Bore Bolt-on-Hubs are designed for use with the universally accepted TaperBush

Taper Lock Weld-On Hubs - Preview

Weld-On Hubs

Taper Bore Weld-on-Hubs are made out of stees, drilled, tapped and taper bored to receive standard Taper Bushes

Taper Lock Adaptors - Preview


Pilot bore products can be adapted for taper bush use.

Hubs Fields of Use

Bolt-on-hubs, weld-on-hubs and adaptors are used in a variety of industrial applications.

They are used to fix various rotating parts such as impellers, rims, non-standard pulleys, sprockets and plate wheels, couplings and other components.

Hubs Material

Steel C43.

Documents for Download

Dimensions and Parameters of Taper Lock Hubs and Adaptors - Preview

Dimensions and Parameters of Taper Lock Hubs and Adaptors

TYMA CZ Data Sheets

Czech and English (PDF 259.44 kB)

Pulleys and Clamping Bushes - Preview

Pulleys and Clamping Bushes

TYMA CZ Catalogue

Czech and English (PDF 3.64 MB)

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