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HTD Timing Bars

HTD timing bars serve as a semi-finished product for the production of timing pulleys in HTD profile. The basic types are made of aluminum alloy, alternatively steel. Their standard lengths are from 100 to 200 mm.

HTD 3M Timing Bars  - Preview


Tooth pitch: 3.0 mm
Teeth z = 9 - 72
Stand. diameters De (mm): 9.55 - 68.75
HTD 5M Timing Bars - Preview


Tooth pitch: 5.0 mm
Teeth z = 12 - 72
Stand. diameters De (mm): 17.96 - 113.45
HTD 8M Timing Bars - Preview


Tooth pitch: 8.0 mm
Teeth z = 18 - 48
Stand. diameters De (mm): 44.47 - 120.86

Bars Fields of Use

The HTD timing bars are designed for production of HTD timing pulleys of any shape. They are used when, for any reason, the corresponding timing pulley is not available or is not standardly produced.

As well as the timing pulleys, they are used in machine tools, packaging machines, printers, single-purpose machines, in the food, paper and glass industries and in many other industries.

Bars Material

Aluminium alloy or steel.

Other materials to order.

Parameter Standard
Surface roughness ISO 254


Timing bars of special lenght (normally max. 200 mm) can be produced on request.

Bars Code Description

5M-15-200 (Al Alloy)

Code Part Description

Type of bar


Number of teeth


Bar length in mm

Al Alloy

Bar material

Documents for Download

Dimensions and Parameters of Timing Bars - Preview

Dimensions and Parameters of Timing Bars

TYMA CZ Data Sheets

Czech and English (PDF 111.71 kB)

Pulleys and Clamping Bushes - Preview

Pulleys and Clamping Bushes

TYMA CZ Catalogue

Czech and English (PDF 3.64 MB)

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