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SIT TRASCO Elastic Couplings

SIT TRASCO are torsionally flexible, puncture-proof shaft couplings with two metal hubs with front claws and a polyurethane element. They transmit torque through pressure-stressed elastic star-shaped buffer which absorbs shock and torsional vibration. This element is oil, chemicals and heat resistant and electrically conductive. The elastic elements are available in different colors according to their hardness. Hubs are made of steel, cast iron or aluminium alloy in various versions as unbored, with finished H7 bore, with Taper Lock bore or with flange.

TRASCO couplings can be used for both directions of rotation and each mounting position.

SIT TRASCO GRMP Hubs (Unbored) - Preview

GRMP (Unbored Hubs)

Coupling components in short or long version
Types: A, B, AL, BL
Maximum bore: up to 200 mm
SIT TRASCO GRMP Hubs (Finished Bore) - Preview

GRMP (Finished Bore Hubs)

Coupling components with finished H7 bore and keyway according to DIN 6885
Types: A, B
Bore diameter: up to 100 mm
SIT TRASCO GRMB Hubs (Taper Bored) - Preview

GRMB (Taper Bored Hubs)

Coupling components in versions with external or internal mounting
Types: B1, B2
Bore diameter: up to 90 mm
SIT TRASCO GRFCF Hubs (with Flange) - Preview

GRFCF (Flange Hubs)

Coupling components for flange mounting
Type: CF
Flange size: up to 370 mm
SIT TRASCO GRMALU Hubs (Unbored) - Preview

GRMALU (Unbored Hubs, Al Alloy)

Coupling components of Al alloy in short version
Types: A, B
Maximum bore: up to 60 mm
SIT TRASCO GRMALU Hubs (Finished Bore) - Preview

GRMALU (Finished Bore Hubs, Al Alloy)

Coupling components of Al alloy with H7 bore and keyway according to DIN 6885
Types: A, B
Bore diameter: up to 60 mm
SIT TRASCO GRS Spacers (Double Shaft) - Preview

GRS (Double Shaft Spacers)

Coupling components for TRASCO GR 24–100 couplings
Maximum bore: up to 100 mm
SIT TRASCO AR Elastic Elements - Preview


Coupling components of various sizes and hardness

Couplings Fields of Use

SIT TRASCO elastic couplings are intended for the highest performance in a wide range of industries.

They are particularly applied in compressors, pumps, conveyors and construction machinery. From small precision instruments to heavy duty conveyor drives and packaging machines in the food, chemical, glass, paper, wood and rubber industries.

Couplings Characteristics

  • High transmitted power
  • Small size, compact version
  • Polyurethane elastic element allows the compensation of angular, axial and radial transplanting
  • Possibility of settlement of length shafts deviations
  • Couplings areresistant to oil, chemicals and high temperature

Documents for Download

TRASCO Couplings - Preview

TRASCO Couplings

SIT Catalogue

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Shaft Coupling Manufacturer Profile

logo SIT

The group SIT S.p.A develops, engineers, manufactures and distributes high quality solutions and components for power transmission for industrial applications of excellence worldwide, with the aim of increasing the productivity of its customers’ machines and systems. With operations on 3 continents, SIT manufactures pulleys, rubber and polyurethane belts, drive couplings, locking assemblies and a wide range of accessories.

SIT belongs to a large industrial group that dates as far back as 1838. Today, thanks to over 50 years of specific experience in power transmission and a close-knit team of highly qualified professionals, the Group engages in constant technological innovation in order to offer the best application solutions in mechanical power drives.

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