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SIT Shaft Couplings

Elastic couplings, zero backlash couplings, gear couplings, disc couplings from Italian manufacturer SIT.

TRASCO Elastic Couplings

TRASCO jaw type coupling torsional flexible with good dynamic charateristics. Easy mounting ,shock and vibration absorption.

TRASCO ES Zero-Backlash

TRASCO ES zero-backlash flexible couplings with plastic star-shaped spring element.

SITEX Gear Couplings

SITEX gear coupling with nylon sleeve, torsionally rigid, double cardanic.

SITEX FL Gear Couplings

SITEX FL gear coupling with steel hub and flange in nylon fibreglass reinforced designed to connect flywheel to pump in hydrostatic drives, according to SAE J620.

METALDRIVE Disc Couplings

METALDRIVE disc Couplings are steel construction with stainless steel disc packs, backlash and maintenance free, require no lubrication and are free from wear.

SERVOPLUS Bellows Couplings

SERVOPLUS bellows couplings for highest precision torque transmission, low moment of inertia, high torsional rigidity, easy mounting and innovative modular construction.