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Flat Belt Pulleys

Flat belt pulleys are designed for power and speed transmission through a flat belt. The construction of flat belt pulleys is based on the DIN 111 standard.

The most common designs are flat belt pulleys with a rounded contact surface. The rounding ensures the centering of the flat belt in operation. For some transmissions, flat belt pulleys with a cylindrical contact surface or rounded with an outer shoulder (with a collar) can be used.

Standard flat belt gray cast iron pulleys are manufactured for mounting on shafts using Taper Lock tapered bushes. Custom made flat belt pulleys can be made from steel, aluminum or plastic according to the drawing or specific requirements.

Flat Belt Pulleys for Taper Lock Bushes - Preview

Taper Lock

Belt widht b (mm): 32 – 200
Diameter Dm</em (mm): 50 – 630
Custom Made Flat Belt Pulleys - Preview

Custom Made

Special flat belt pulley designs to customer specification

Pulleys Fields of Use

Flat belt pulleys are designed for all types of flat belts.

They are typically used in compressor drives, pumps, blowers, machine tools, textile machines, the paper, chemical and automotive industries, and many other industries.

Pulleys Material

Gray cast iron GG 20 - GG 25.

Other materials on request.

Parameter Standard
Groove side wobble tolerance DIN 111
Eccentricity of O/D to bore DIN 111
Surface roughness ISO 254
Balance quality grade VDI 2060, ISO 1940


  • Standard catalog pulleys are statically balanced to grade q = 6.3 at 1450 rpm..
  • At speeds above 30 m/s, we recommend balancing the pulleys dynamically to grade q = 6.3 and higher.
  • At speeds above 42 m/s, pulleys made of C45 steel, ductile iron GGG 40 or other higher quality material must be used.

On request, the pulleys can be balanced dynamically in two planes. Enter this request during the order in the "Note" field in the last step before sending it.

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