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Continental CONTINUITY


The new ContiTech industrial belt names will replace many of the well-known and long-established product line names on the market.


Continental is completing the global harmonization of its product portfolio, including its naming structure. As a result, the names of ContiTech industrial drive belts as we have known them until now will also change.

The CONTINUITY project is here to provide information support for this fundamental change.

Basic Information on Belts Renaming

Belts will be divided into three basic categories according to the requirements of the application. The design of the logo directly on the belt will also correspond to these categories.


    Highest quality for maximum efficiency and extremely long service life, especially in complex drive systems with individual requirements.

    Continental Conti Synchroforce Supreme - Color coding: black on orange
    Color coding: black on orange


    The solution for reliable power transmission even at high power outputs and speeds and for applications in demanding environments in terms of media, dirt, dust or temperature.

    Continental Conti Synchroforce Advance - Color coding: orange on black
    Color coding: orange on black


    The first choice for reliable and, at the same time, cost-effective power transmission in standard applications.

    Continental Conti Synchroforce - Color coding: white on black
    Color coding: white on black

ContiTech Belts for Industrial Applications – New Naming Structure
ContiTech Belts for Industrial Applications – New Naming Structure

A more detailed view of the planned changes is provided by the conversion table: CONTINUITY Conversion Chart (PDF 288 kB).

Then, on the CONTINUITY project page, you will find a handy tool for finding a new name for an existing series under Cross Reference Service.

Search for a New Name on the CONTINUITY Page
Search for a New Name on the CONTINUITY Page

Motivation for Change

Transparent Branding and Naming Worldwide

After acquiring Veyance Technologies in 2015, the US manufacturer of Good Year belts, Continental has became the world's largest belt manufacturer. The range of the portfolio and numerous regional specifics of the offer led to the decision to comprehensively clarify and unify the product structure.

The goal is to achieve a unified brand identity and increase production and distribution efficiency. The same type and name will be used by customers in Europe, Asia, America and other parts of the world.

Time Frame

The final phase of the renaming should take place this year and early next year. There will also be the upgrades to selected belt lines as well as the introduction of new product lines.

We will keep you informed about the specific course of changes in the offer and further steps.