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KettenWulf LF New Generation Chains


We introduce the new generation of KettenWulf LF (Lube Free) roller chains. We keep standard sizes in stock.

No more like this!

KettenWulf LF Maintenance-Free Roller Chains

Maintenance-free KettenWulf LF roller chains are supplied with a thin layer of initial lubrication. The special lubricant for sintered bearings only leaks out of the bush when exposed to friction and temperature. Furthermore, the chains are fitted with extremely smooth pins with a specific surface treatment and high hardness. To ensure a very high level of corrosion protection, all components are nickel plated. The result is extremely durable chains with a long service life.

KettenWulf LF Maintenance-Free Chains in the TYMA CZ Eshop

We now keep KettenWulf LF chains in standard sizes in stock to ensure the shortest possible delivery times.

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Sizes and dimensions are specified in ISO 606 (DIN 8187) as are standard roller chain sizes. These are therefore European B series chains. The standard design of maintenance-free chains can be simplex, duplex or triplex.

The operating temperature range of KettenWulf LF chains is between −30 °C and +160 °C.

KettenWulf LF Chains Construction

KettenWulf LF Maintenance-Free Roller Chains Construction

  1. Pins
    Pins are made of alloy steel, cold extruded and case hardened (from size 1" onwards of high alloy heat treated steel, quenched and tempered). Surface has high hardness, is particulary smoothly grinded and nickel plated.

  2. Bushes
    Self-lubricating bushes are impregnated with special lubricant.

  3. Rollers
    Rollers are seamless, cold extruded, hardened and ball blasted. They are extremely shock-resistant.

  4. Link Plates
    Link plates are high-precision stamped, quenched, tempered and subsequently ball-blasted. The holes are calibrated with a particularly high percentage of contact area.

Do You Have Extra Requirements?

Maintenance-free chains for extended temperature ranges are available on request. For all critical applications that require extremely high fatigue strength, extreme durability at the highest speeds or maximum corrosion protection, KettenWulf LF chains can also be custom made with a special TGI (Tri Guard Inchromized) finish.

In addition, KettenWulf LF roller chains can be supplied with straight link plates, which are ideally suited for pallet and skid transport.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Self-Lubrication Chains in the TYMA CZ Eshop