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Professional Chain Wear Gauge


Let's focus on a new product in our offer, which is currently the best gauge for checking chain wear on the market – this patented gauge is both the most accurate and convenient tool for this purpose.

With the help of the measuring instrument (sometimes also called KML – according to the German Kettenverschleissmesslehre) you can measure the wear of roller, fleyer and other types of lifting and drive chains with an imperial pitch ranging from 3/8 to 3 inches.

The gauge indicates the percentage of elongation of the chain on a scale of 0.25% from 0 to 4%. If the instrument shows a 2% or greater elongation, the red indicator will completely fill the window. Once the chain is stretched by 2%, its replacement must be planned. If the elongation reaches 3%, the chain must be replaced immediately or the device must be switched off until it can be replaced. From now on, the chain can no longer be used reliably.

Chain Wear Gauge in the TYMA CZ Eshop

We now offer the measuring instrument made by the renowned Austrian manufacturer FB Ketten directly in our Eshop:

Buy the Gauge   or   in plastic design.

Chains are used in many industrial applications. Especially for lifting equipment, they are considered to be safety-critical components and must be checked regularly; the important value during operation is the chain wear elongation.

We therefore recommend regularly checking all common chains in the industry to reduce the risk of machine crash.

Chain Wear Gauge Advantages

  • Quick and Easy to Use

    The chain wear gauge is very easy to use. You set the chain pitch (e.g. 1¾″) and check the elongation, no more time-consuming calculations are needed.

  • Safe and Accurate Measurement

    The chain wear gauge is the most accurate device for measuring chain elongation on the market. Regular inspections with this device will ensure perfect operation of the chain gears.

  • Easy to Clean

    The chain wear gauge can be easily cleaned with water and a little detergent.

  • Robustness and Durability

    The chain wear gauge (KML) is available in two versions. It is made of stainless steel or high quality PVC.