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Measure the belt pretension using your smartphone for free with Tension2Go app


In order for the belt to run properly, it is crucial that the belt tension be correct. Tension2Go is a practical tool for use on-site.

The application measures the pretension frequency and pretension of all industrial belts. It can be downloaded in the App Store or at Google Play free of charge.

How does it work?

The app measures the natural frequency of the belt. The opening of the smartphone microphone should be held 1-5 cm above the span length. It must be directed toward the belt. The belt should be set into vibration so that the airborne noise can be recorded. Using the frequency value that is determined, the user can then select the pretensioning force. As an alternative, Tension2Go can also calculate the tension of the belt directly if the belt type and the length of the free belt section has been entered before the measurement is taken.


The measurement picks up frequences in the 20-to-1000-Hz range. The measurable free span length fluctuates within a range of 200 mm to 800 mm.

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