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Elastic Elements for RINGFEDER TNS Couplings in Stock


We have expanded our Eshop product range with components of RINGFEDER shaft couplings of TNS series (formerly TSCHAN-S).


RINGFEDER TNS Elastic Couplings

RINGFEDER TNS are torsionally flexible, puncture-proof shaft couplings. They transmit torque through pressure-stressed elastic buffers connected to each other in an intermediate ring, which absorbs shocks and torsional vibrations. The element is oil resistant and electrically conductive.

We offer basic types of hubs and elastic elements with typical round shape of protrusions. These intermediate rings are manufactured from high quality Vulkollan polyurethane in red or Perbunan rubber in black.

RINGFEDER TNS Elastic Elements in the TYMA CZ Eshop

We keep the most frequently requested sizes of elastic elements in stock to reduce delivery times as much as possible.

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TNS Coupling Elastic Element Wear Check

During each maintenance of the machine, we recommend removing dust deposits and checking the wear of the coupling's elastic intermediate rings by measuring them correctly. The check is carried out with the machinery switched off and without load.

When the wear limit is reached or exceeded, replace the elastic ring immediately, regardless of other system check intervals. Also replace the intermediate ring after every 3 years of operation regardless of measurements. After replacement, be sure to check the coupling alignment.

Measurement Procedure

Elastic Element Wear Check –  the Distance of the Spur Teeth Measurement

  1. Rotate the coupling hub so that the front teeth are in contact with the intermediate ring without backlash.
  2. Measure the distance of the spur teeth V in the circumferential direction as shown in the illustration.
  3. Repeat the measurement on the adjacent edges of the front teeth even after turning the coupling parts in opposite directions.
  4. If the measured value of V falls to Vmin or even below it, you must immediately replace the elastic intermediate ring. The table below shows the Vmin values.
  5. After checking for wear, reinstall all protective devices and perform a check start-up of the machine.

Table of Vmin Distance for Wear Testing

TNS Coupling Size Vmin [mm]
50 11.4
70 11.7
85 8.0
100 11.4
125 12.7
145 13.8
170 13.6
200 14.3
230 15.4
260 15.3
300 12.1
360 12.1
400 15.4

RINGFEDER TNS Elastic Elements in the TYMA CZ Eshop