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28-8M-50 (Type 4F) TB 1108 (Steel)

Timing Belt Pulley

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Pulley Parameters

Profile: HTD 8M
No. of grooves/teeth: z=28 No. of grooves/teeth
V-pulleys and Poly-V pulleys number of grooves, timing pulleys and sprockets number of teeth.
Bore: TB 1108
Brand: - Brand: -
This standardized product may come from different manufacturers. We will provide you with the currently supplied brand upon request.
Weight (kg): 0.600
Pitch diameter Dw (mm) (mm): 71,30
Width (mm): 50,00 Width (mm)
Face width.
Material: Steel Material
In the TYMA Product Catalogues you can find this material also described with the abbreviation ST.

Pulley Description

28-8M-50 (Type 4F) TB 1108 (Steel) timing pulleys are the basic type of pulleys for HTD timing belts for Taper bush.

They are made of steel or gray cast iron.

The pulleys are mounted to the shafts using the Taper bushes. The Taper bush does not only secure the pulley on the shaft with a keyway but also fixes it against axial displacement.

Pulley Fields of Use

The HTD 8M Taper timing pulleys are designed for all types of HTD and RPP belts with tooth pitch 8.00 mm.

They are typically used in machine tools, small machinery, compressors, packaging, printing machines, in the food, paper and chemical industry and in many other machines.

Pulley Material

Steel or grey cast iron.

Other materials to order.

Parameter Standard
Surface roughness ISO 254
Balance quality grade VDI 2060, ISO 1940


Cast iron pulleys at v < 30 m/s must be balanced.

Documents for Download

Dimensions and Parameters of HTD 8M Taper Lock Timing Pulleys - Preview

Dimensions and Parameters of HTD 8M Taper Lock Timing Pulleys

TYMA CZ Data Sheets

Czech and English (PDF 163.76 kB)

Pulleys and Clamping Bushes - Preview

Pulleys and Clamping Bushes

TYMA CZ Catalogue

Czech and English (PDF 3.64 MB)

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