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Fiberglass or Kevlar Dryer Belt

PTFE drying belts used to dryers, during vulcanization, in the food industry, automotive etc. The basis is glassy, kevlar or a combination of both fabrics which are coated with PTFE.

Possibilities of connections belts from PTFE

Teflon fabric are joined in endless dryer and conveyor belts in various ways and various kinds of connectors. We can help you with choosing the most suitable material and method of of the conveyor belt connections
Kevlar loop connection - breathable
Kevlar loop connection - breathable
Joint with gentle metal wire
Joint with Alligator metal couplings
Joint with Alligator metal couplings
Joint with Alligator metal couplings with overlapping by teflon foil and rivets as the lateral guiding belt
Joint with plastic spiral of PEEK
Joint with metal spiral polyamide-coated (PA)
Joint with plastic spiral of PES
Joint with stainless couplings (INOX-couplings)
Joint with stainless couplings (INOX-couplings)
Tzv.prstový joint or overlapped welded joints

Edges editing of PTFE belts

The edges of the conveyor belts can be hem or amplify by different materials in order to avoid their damaging The edges may be from different materials, and in some cases edge can be sew through to increase their strength and durability.

reinforcement the edge with PTFE glassy fabric
reinforcement the edge with PTFE kevlar fabric
reinforcement the edge by Kevlar fabric with quadruple stitching
white teflon foil reinforcement of edge
brown teflon foil reinforcement of edge
reinforcement the edge PP fabrics of different colors

Guide lines for conveyer belts

In some cases it is necessary to ensure the longitudinal guiding of the conveyer belt. There are several ways to provide leadership and of course each has its advantages and limitations.

klínové vedení nalepené na spodní straně pásu, použito speciální silikonové lepidlo, plynulé vedení bez polygonního efektu, vhodné i pro vyší rychlosti
vedení s pružinami přichycenými v kovových otvorech na okraji pásu, pružiny jsou připevněny na v unašečích řetězu
vedení kovými nýty na okraji pásu, jednoduché a levné řešení vhodné pro rychlosti pásu do 20m/min



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