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TRASCO ES 19/24-37.5 GESAP (GESAP19/24375F16) - Hub (d = 16H6, Steel)

Shaft Coupling

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Shaft Coupling Parameters

Bore (mm): d=16
Brand: SIT
Material: Steel Material
In the TYMA Product Catalogues you can find this material also described with the abbreviation ST.

Shaft Coupling Description

TRASCO ES 19/24-37.5 GESAP (GESAP19/24375F16) - Hub (d = 16H6, Steel) is a part designed for SIT TRASCO ES zero-backlash shaft couplings. It is made of steel.

SIT TRASCO ES are torsionally flexible, puncture-proof shaft couplings with two metal hubs with front claws and a polyurethane element. They transmit torque through a high-precision pressure-stressed elastic star-shaped buffer which absorbs shock and torsional vibration. The hubs are manufactured with minimal backlash so that the flexible elements are very tightly inserted into the front teeth to make a so-called zero-backlash coupling. These GESAP hubs are made of steel with an integrated clamping tapered element with a finished bore according to DIN 69002.

GESAP hubs are sometimes called GES AP series TRASCO ES hubs.

Shaft Coupling Construction

SIT TRASCO ES Coupling Construction with GESAP Hubs

  1. GESAP shrink hubs with an integrated clamping tapered element with a finished bore according to DIN 69002
  2. Elastic star-shaped element

Shaft Coupling Fields of Use

SIT TRASCO ES zero-backlash elastic couplings with GESAP hubs are intended for the highest demands in a wide range of industries where the highest precision and minimum backlash are required.

They are used, for example, in machine tools, testing machines, fine mechanics, dynamometers and many other applications, particularly in the food, chemical, paper, metalworking and automotive industries.

Shaft Coupling Characteristics

  • Torque transmission without backlash
  • Vibration damping from the motor shaft (up to 80%)
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Couplings are resistant to oil, chemicals and high temperature
  • Small size, low moment of inertia

Documents for Download

TRASCO ES Zero Backlash Couplings - Preview

TRASCO ES Zero Backlash Couplings

SIT Catalogue

English (PDF 1.41 MB)

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Manufacturer Profile

logo SIT

The group SIT S.p.A develops, engineers, manufactures and distributes high quality solutions and components for power transmission for industrial applications of excellence worldwide, with the aim of increasing the productivity of its customers’ machines and systems. With operations on 3 continents, SIT manufactures pulleys, rubber and polyurethane belts, drive couplings, locking assemblies and a wide range of accessories.

SIT belongs to a large industrial group that dates as far back as 1838. Today, thanks to over 50 years of specific experience in power transmission and a close-knit team of highly qualified professionals, the Group engages in constant technological innovation in order to offer the best application solutions in mechanical power drives.

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